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30 Homophones Booklets (Picture Homophones™ Series)

What are Homophones Booklets?

  • Introducing our new Homophones Booklets for 1st grade onwards and for children with learning differences like dyslexia. These booklets make learning homophones fun.
  • Homophones can be very confusing for children, especially those who struggle with memorization. The booklets work on each homophone in isolation by using the word in a sentence. The sentence provides a context to students, helping them comprehend the meaning of the individual homophone, thereby increasing reading fluency as well as reading comprehension. 
  • Once each homophone has been individually used in a sentence, both homophones in the pair are combined in a single sentence to help students understand the difference between the words in a pair of homophones.
  • These 'bite-sized' booklets have just enough pages to keep your student engaged without feeling intimidated. 
  • These reading booklets are extremely effective when used after your child has used Picture Homophones™ flashcards and workbooks, but can also be used independently.
  • Excellent resource for schools, tutoring & learning centers, daycare centers for children entering or in kindergarten, easy for parents to use at home, great for homeschoolers.
  • A top resource for all English language learners of any age including non-English speakers learning English as a second language (ELL/ESL).