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Set 2 Homophones Booklets - 15 Sets of 33 Homophones Words (Individual eBookles)

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What are Homophones Booklets?

  • Introducing our new Homophones Booklets for 1st grade onwards and for children with learning differences like dyslexia. These booklets make learning homophones fun.
  • Homophones can be very confusing for children, especially those who struggle with memorization. The booklets work on each homophone in isolation by using the word in a sentence. The sentence provides a context to students, helping them comprehend the meaning of the individual homophone, thereby increasing reading fluency as well as reading comprehension
  • Once each homophone has been individually used in a sentence, both homophones in the pair are combined in a single sentence to help students understand the difference between the words in a pair of homophones.
  • These 'bite-sized' booklets have just enough pages to keep your student engaged without feeling intimidated. 
  • These reading booklets are extremely effective when used after your child has used Picture Homophones™ flashcards and workbooks, but can also be used independently.
  • Excellent resource for schools, tutoring & learning centers, daycare centers for children entering or in kindergarten, easy for parents to use at home, great for homeschoolers.
  • A top resource for all English language learners of any age including non-English speakers learning English as a second language (ELL/ESL).
What are homophones?

Homo means same.  Phone means sound.  So these words sound the same but have different spellings and meanings. 

To, too, two.  By, bye, buy!  Which is witch??  These words are fun once you know them, but can pose a challenge for a child who is trying to learn how to spell them or how to differentiate in meaning.  This is where Picture Homophones™ make all the difference! 

Now available “bite-sized” reading booklets for homophone word sets that will help children learn, read and spell homophones in a fun and engaging way. 
15 Booklets from Picture Homophones™ flashcards Set 2: