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Sight Words Booklets for Barton Students

What are Sight Words Booklets for Barton students?
  • Easy-to-read booklets created by a Barton tutor to reinforce sight words.
  • Booklets contain only controlled reading material - sight words and words with short vowels that a child can "touch and say".
  • Each booklet has 6 pages, so your emergent reader is not overwhelmed.
  • The same sight word is used in a new sentence on each page. This helps the child understand its context and also builds reading fluency.
  • ​The booklets are fun to look at with a picture that you can discuss with your child to help develop reading comprehension.
  • An excellent resource for parents of Barton students to reinforce sight word practice at home. 
  • Bundles created for Books 3 & 4 of the Barton Reading and Spelling System.