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Children's Book - 'The Unwanted Guest' - A book about overcoming anger (Paperback)

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What happens when we let anger take over?

This story, narrated by a mom to her son, attempts to reveal the true nature of anger - an unwanted houseguest who has sneaked into her son's heart without him even realizing it. Anger claims to be his best friend when in fact, he is his deadliest foe.

The message of the book reminds us that we CAN control this beast. Anger draws its power from us, and if we teach ourselves to pause for just a moment before launching into reaction, we grant ourselves the gift of choice - the choice to become a better version of ourselves.

This book is written by Roma Chadha Sood, author of children's book How Souls Are Made , which portrayed the journey a soul makes as it enters this world.

The Unwanted Guest, a book about overcoming anger, is for pre-teens, teenagers, young adults and all of us who have ever felt the anger monster raise its ugly head inside of us. It is a book of awareness, inspiration and empowerment.