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Literacy, Reading & Spelling Program for ages 5 and up (Includes Physical & Digital Products) + (Optional Amazon Fire 7" Tablet) & Free Shipping within the US

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(Updated - Mar 14, 2021 - New 100+ Sight Words reading eBooklets, 32 Phonics Patterns reading eBooklets and 30 Homophones reading eBooklets added to the bundle; Sight Words eWorkbook 3 added)

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Based on established ORTON-GILLINGHAM principles.

Our learning materials target all important areas of language acquisition: Phonics, Vocabulary, Comprehension, and Reading Fluency (including extensive practice with sight words and homophones).  

What's included:
(No monthly subscriptions or per student fees; one time purchase for multiple, unlimited use!)


  1. Picture Sight Words™ Flashcards (Sets 1, 2 & 3) - Qty: 3
  2. Picture Homophones™ Flashcards (Sets 1 & 2) - Qty: 2
  3. Phonics & Sight Words storybooks Levels A, B & C - Qty: 3

eWORKBOOKS & eBOOKLETS - DOWNLOADABLE after the order (large pdf/zip files via email or a downloadable link)

  1. Picture Sight Words™ Workbooks (for Sets 1, 2 & 3) - Qty: 3 eWorkbooks
  2. Picture Homophones™ Workbooks (for Sets 1 & 2) - Qty: 2 eWorkbooks
  3. Phonics & Short Vowel Workbooks (1 to 5) - Qty: 5 eWorkbooks
  4. 'Bite-sized' Sight Words Booklets - Qty: 100+ eBooklets
  5. Phonics Patterns Booklets - Qty: 32 eBooklets
  6. Homophones Booklets - Qty: 30 eBooklets

Includes free children's book "How Souls Are Made - a mystical journey of the soul from the land of love" - $14 value

When selected, includes one FREE Amazon Fire 7 Tablet (7" display, 16 GB) - $49 Value (For US orders only)

Picture Sight Words iOS App is a separate purchase from the iOS AppStore and not included in this bundle.


I See, I Spell, I Learn® -​ Reading & Spelling Program provides a wide range of research-based reading and spelling materials and learning tools that have proven effective in improving literacy skills in children aged 5–10.  

Created by a reading specialist and dyslexia tutor who has worked with homeschooled children, this specific program has been designed to complement any homeschool or other literacy curriculums. 

All our learning tools have been created after actually working with children - so they work! We want children to develop a love for learning.  So we strive to make our products fun and interesting, using images and activities that capture the interest of all children, especially children who have learning differences like dyslexia.

​The visual cues we use in our Picture Sight Words™ and Picture Homophones™ cards serve a purpose - they help children make neurological connections with the word which help them retain that word which, until now, was impossible to remember! 


  • As a parent of a child studying at home, you want to stick to your planned curriculum. With I See, I Spell, I Learn® products, you don't have to worry about creating a separate program.
  • All our products reinforce the literacy skills you are trying to develop and can easily be used in tandem with your existing curriculum.  
  • Our research shows that they work well with programs like All About Reading,  All About Spelling, the Barton Reading & Spelling System, and other Orton-Gillingham programs. ​Our products can be part of those lesson plans, or can be used independently on the side. 

These learning materials work!
Our products are designed to empower children. We want our learning tools to help children feel successful as they embark on their language journey, and as a result grow in skills as well as confidence when they emerge as proficient readers.

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