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Picture Sight Words™ eWorkbooks - Sets 1, 2, 3 (Digital Purchase & Download)

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This workbook contains exercises to reinforce sight words from I See, I Spell, I Learn® - Picture Sight Words™ - Sets 1, 2, 3.  It has been designed for emerging readers or those who struggle with reading and spelling. The goal is to have exercises that the child can do independently. 

The 65+ pages of exercises in each workbook develop reading, writing and spelling skills. They start with systematic Spelling Exercises that first work on the tricky letter in isolation, then build memory for the entire word, and finally use the word in context in a sentence.    After your child completes the practice pages for each word, move to the Reading & Comprehension exercises. The child must read aloud the sentence and match it with the right picture. Mixed Sentence Mastery is the last section of the workbook, where the child must read and pick the right word to fill in the blank.

To further solidify spelling, you can also give these sentences as dictation and have the child fill in the sight word without looking at multiple choice options. If you feel additional practice is required, simply print out extra copies of the pages they need to work on. 

As always, with sight words, repetition is the key to success. Enjoy!

Please note:
This workbook is downloadable only ONCE. So make sure you download it onto a computer where you can print from.