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Picture Homophones™ eWorkbooks - Sets 1 & 2 (Digital Purchase & Download)

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Homophones are words that sound the same, but have different spellings and meanings - to, two, too or by, bye, buy. Homophones can be great fun once you know them, but they can be confusing for children (and even adults), especially those who struggle with memorization.

The picture cues used in the Picture Homophone cards have been tested and proven effective, as they allow the child to use their right-brain strength to recall a picture in place of a letter. This is why Picture Homophones make all the difference!

This workbook contains exercises to reinforce the homophones from Picture Homophones Flashcards - Set 1 / Book1. Ideally, the child should have already seen the Picture Homophones cards at least three times and should be familiar with the pictures before using this workbook.

This workbook does NOT contain picture cues in the words since it is the next level up. So use it to help your child recognize and read these homophones after they are done with the picture cards. The workbook can be used independently for extra practice, but the pictures are what help the child retain, recall and distinguish between homophone pairs, so using the cards makes it a more enjoyable and successful experience for your child. Keep the cards handy in case your child needs to refer to them.

As always, repetition is the key to success. If you purchased the digital version of this workbook from our online store, you can print it out and place the pages in sheet protectors so your child can reuse them with a dry erase marker as many times as needed.

And finally, please respect the copyright. The workbook is yours to re-print if you have paid for it. It is a copyright infringement to email this workbook to others. We hope you enjoy this Homophones Workbook.

The Picture Homophone cards and this workbook are fun and effective tools to teach homophones to everyone - they are being used in classrooms across the U.S., and are also used by children with learning differences like dyslexia, English Language Learners (ELL/ESL), homeschoolers and adults who are confused by homophones. See the picture, get the word!®