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Children's Book - Mama, I'm Lonely! (Paperback)

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In a world of endless distraction and countless ways to flee solitude, we can sometimes forget how to enjoy our own company. Mama, I'm Lonely reveals this dilemma faced by Stella, a six-year old elephant.

Stella tries to fill the emptiness she feels inside her heart by doing things she loves with people she loves, but the void remains. She turns to her mother for help, for Mama Elephant always seems content and happy. Her mother explains a beautiful truth to Stella. "It isn't always easy, but if you can learn to be comfortable around yourself, if you can learn to enjoy your own company, you'll never be lonely again."

Mama, I'm Lonely is a book for children from ages 4 to 9, with a message that is timeless. Your child will also enjoy looking for the picture of the moon on each page.