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Complete Bundle of Sight Words Booklets for Barton* Students - Books 3 & 4 (PDF Download)

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What are Sight Word Booklets for Barton students?
  • Easy-to-read booklets created by a Barton tutor to reinforce sight words.
  • Booklets contain only controlled reading material - sight words and words with short vowels that a child can "touch and say".
  • Each booklet has 6 pages, so your emergent reader is not overwhelmed.
  • The same sight word is used in a new sentence on each page. This helps the child understand its context and also builds reading fluency.
  • ​The booklets are fun to look at with a picture that you can discuss with your child to help develop reading comprehension.
  • An excellent resource for parents of Barton students to reinforce sight word practice at home. 
  • Bundles created for Books 3 & 4 of the Barton Reading and Spelling System.

*These booklets are not affiliated with, nor authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Susan Barton.


(And other Orton-Gillingham-based Reading Programs)
As tutors/parents of a child in the Barton Reading & Spelling Program, we try so hard to protect our students from “uncontrolled” reading material, so that they can slowly develop their reading skills and eventually enjoy reading. Yet we know it is almost impossible to find good reading material to help supplement our students in the Barton program and strengthen their reading skills.

Having been a Barton tutor for over ten years, my mission has been to create decodable, controlled reading material that matches your child’s reading level. 

Many of you are familiar with our Short Vowel Workbooks created for Barton students in Levels 2 & 3 (Right Sound Phonics), approved by Susan Barton.

Most tutors would agree that teaching sight words to a child with dyslexia is a greater challenge than the other lessons since these words are tedious to memorize and require frequent practice. 

This is why I have created these Sight Word Booklets. The booklets only have 6 pages each, so that the child does not feel overwhelmed while reading, and actually experiences a sense of accomplishment after completing each booklet. The sight word you are working on is found on every page in a new sentence to help your child understand its context and to also build reading fluency.

What makes these booklets special is that your child can decode ALL the words used in the booklets, since the booklets only use sight words and words with short vowels (while your child is in Book 3), and only introduces words with long vowels after Book 4. 

In addition, the booklets are fun to look at with a picture that you can discuss with your child to help develop reading comprehension skills.

The “Barton Bundle” for Sight Word Booklets
Each bundle follows the sight word sequence of the Barton program and provides your child with supplemental reading material appropriate to his/her reading level.

Have your child read each word aloud (as always, encourage him/her to “touch and say” or sound out  the words that they don’t know, especially when there are blends or digraphs in the word.)

​Listed below is a separate bundle created for each Barton lesson that teaches sight words.
Sight Word Booklet Bundle For Book 3: 

Sight Word Booklet Bundle For Book 4: 

Very soon, we will also have PHONICS BOOKLETS to help advanced students practice different phonics patterns like Units, Vowel Teams, Suffixes, Silent-E, Vowel-R’s.

Please note: 
​All our products at I SEE, I SPELL, I LEARN, LLC are designed for a Barton student who has at least completed Book 2 of the Barton Program - meaning the child can “touch and say” or “sound out” all the letters of the alphabet and is familiar with the 5 short vowel sounds. Also note, these sight word booklets include words ending in double letters (well, grass, etc.). If your child has not yet reached Book 3, Lesson 5, simply tell them that the double letter makes only one sound.

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