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32 Phonics Patterns Booklets

What are Phonics Patterns Booklets?
  • Our Phonics Booklets are for students in K-3 and children with dyslexia. Each booklet focuses on an individual phonic pattern giving your child a chance to practice that pattern in isolation. 
  • There is no particular sequence for these booklets; you can select the individual ones your child needs to work on.
  • All booklets are available for purchase individually or as discounted bundles.
  • These 'bite-sized' booklets have just enough pages to keep your child engaged without feeling intimidated. They focus on phonics-baseddecodable words with short vowels that your child can easily sound out to become a successful and confident reader.
  • An excellent resource for English Language Learners (ELL/ESL). Each page has a picture that helps your child relate to the word and understand its meaning. Engage your child in a discussion or ask questions about the word and the picture to help them understand the word and also to develop reading comprehension
  • Master reading - one booklet at a time!
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