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Sight Words Booklets (Based on Dolch Words & Phonics-based Short Vowels)

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Introducing our new "Bite-Sized" Reading Booklets for kindergarten, 1st grade and for children with dyslexia.

  • First booklet, sight word 'a' is available for a free download
  • the rest are available for purchase either individually or as a bundle of all 10 sight words
  • get 10% off if you purchase 5 or more individual booklets; besides 'a' (just add them to the cart and the discount will be automatically added when you add 5 or more)

Reading is as important to a child’s academic development as eating is to his physical development. We cannot feed a baby food meant for older children. It needs “bite-sized” portions and simple nutrition it can digest. 

The same goes for building reading and comprehension skills in beginning readers. Reading aloud helps develop grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension skills, all of which go a long way in transforming your child into a fluent reader.

According to research conducted by Dominic Massaro, a professor studying language acquisition and literacy at  UC, Santa Cruz: “Reading aloud is the best way to help children develop word mastery and grammatical understanding, which form the basis for learning how to read”.

But a child will only attempt to read aloud from a book he feels successful reading! If you give your child a book that has too many words he cannot recognize or decode, he will not enjoy the reading experience.  Just as a baby wouldn’t pick up a Subway footlong and start munching away, children who are just learning to read need little “bite-sized” readers that are not intimidating or overwhelming.

In 2018, we introduced I See, I Spell, I Learn Decodable Readers - Levels A, B & C. These included 25 storybooks and 5 chapter books. We have received a great response to these books and they are currently being used by teachers, tutors and homeschooling moms across the U.S.

In response to frequent requests made by parents who have spent the summer of Covid with their young children trying to find appropriate reading material, we now introduce our new “Reading Booklets” for kindergarten, 1st grade and for children with dyslexia.

Let your child to nibble on these bite-sized booklets! Encourage him/her to read aloud the words on each page and discuss the picture with your child to help build vocabulary and comprehension.

These booklets have just enough pages to keep your child engaged without feeling intimidated, and just the right choice of words that they can sound out to make them feel successful and confident.

These bite-sized readers are lighter than the larger ‘sandwich’ our Decodable Storybooks offer, yet they are nutritious and tasty enough for your beginning reader. 

The words chosen for these books are based on sight words from the Dolch Words list, included as part of the kindergarten curriculum worldwide. They also use phonics-based, decodable words with short vowels so that your child can easily sound out the words.

The purpose of these booklets is to provide your child with a context for these sight words which otherwise remain abstract words that need to be memorized. Now the word is studied in isolation as well as in a different sentence on each page, with a corresponding picture that helps the child relate to the word and understand its meaning. Encourage your child to read the booklets several times. Remember, repeated reading also helps build fluency.

Instead of creating paperbacks of these bite-sized readers, we decided to make eBooks and downloadable books - which the kids can either read on Kindle or on a tablet, or that the parent/teacher can print out and leave around the house/classroom for the child to take small bites from whenever they are hungry to read.

To allow parents and teachers more flexibility, these booklets are in no particular order. If you are just starting out, a recommended sequence is the Dolch list which lists these sight words by grade level. But if you feel that your child needs more help with a particular word, you have the choice to only purchase the booklet that practices that word. So you can buy them as individual booklets or as a bundle of 10 words.

Our journey of creating these booklets has just started, and the response we have received from moms who have used these over this “Covid summer” with their children has been overwhelmingly positive.

“I cannot thank you enough for these booklets!!! When school closed for the summer, the only sight word my 6-year old son could recognize was the word “I”. We used your booklets to supplement your picture flashcards and he has mastered every single one! I think the best moment of my entire summer was when I came into his bedroom to tuck him in one night, he was sitting on his bed reading your booklet to himself! My boy was so afraid to read before this! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

We will keep adding more booklets with new words every month. Happy reading!